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August 28, 2020by Dr. Francis Yoo0
You are working on documenting your visit with a patient while listening to a music mix on youtube.
You decide to shift attention to check your e-mail but leave the EHR program running.
You read one e-mail that has a link to an informational video which you click on.
While you’re there an amusing video suggestion pops up so you click on that one too…
Then everything stops.
You click around or push the screen on/off button and do this and that hoping things will just start working again.
It doesn’t.
You hope now that you can restart your computer/phone and it will start working normally again.
Just like a computer (or smart phone), you have an operating system that you use to function in every day life. Just as your computer uses some of its resources to run the programs behind the scenes to keep things running all the time, your physiology keeps you going without you having to think about it.
And then you start running programs. Let’s take a look at this and compare the computer programs with your own.
– The EHR – your work, career…
– email – your interactions, communications, relationships
– music that you’re playing – your hobbies and interests
– informational video – your education and development
– entertaining video – your entertainment.
Add in a calculator, spreadsheet, your calendar…
You used up your computer’s resources and ability to keep up and function, and it freezes. It needs a restart… which sometimes fixes things and sometimes doesn’t and needs extra attention.
Same thing with your life. You continue to use and divide up your resources and attention until you, your wellness, freezes. And restarting may help things function again… but sometimes more work needs to be done.
Are you overtaxing your operating system and what your computer is capable of by running too many programs at once?
Are you overtaxing yourself and what you are capable of by doing too much at once?
You don’t want your computer to crash… and you don’t want YOU to crash!
Rebooting and restarting the system again and again will only work for so long.
You need to start removing some programs or stop running all of them at the same time!

Dr. Francis Yoo

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