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Uncategorized The unexpressed can interfere with wellness, wholeness, development.

October 7, 2020by Dr. Francis Yoo0

The longer you spend as a physician or working on your own wellness and wholeness it will become more and more apparent that the unexpressed can interfere with wellness, wholeness, and development. It can even be the root cause of a condition or symptom.

Whether they are emotions, feelings, thoughts – joy, sadness, hurts, anger, shame, loneliness, laughter, crying – a lack of expression due to internal or external factors can be dangerous for one’s health and wellness.

Not having a way to express.

Not having a space or time to express.

Not having a person to express to.

Not allowing oneself to express.

Not being allowed by others to express oneself.

All of these and more are detrimental to wellness and wholeness.

These limitations can become so ingrained in us as we live under the framework others imposed on us – our parents and guardians, family and friends, cultural beliefs, schooling / education / training.

When was the last time you cried / wept, last time you laughed uncontrollably, shared your deepest feelings, allowed your emotion to manifest?

So draw, dance, sing, cry, laugh, scream, write, cook. (Well make sure it’s done in a healthy way where you’re not hurting anyone!) Express. In Chinese Medicine terms, cultivate your Dai Extraordinary Vessel / field.

What are your channels for expression?

Dr. Francis Yoo

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