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November 17, 2020by Dr. Francis Yoo0

– Things won’t always go the way we planned and things are NOT the best and perfect from our perspectives; I am sure that all of us here can come up with tons of examples from our personal lives and professional lives:

– a patient situation, a rough day/night at work, an avalanche of bad news one after the other, facing the flaws of the healthcare system… to name a few!

– What the Enneagram Type 1 space does is invite us to acknowledge and accept a certain Goodness or Perfection that is within every moment regardless of the flaws and negative outcomes. This isn’t to say bad things are good! Not at all! It’s about that Goodness in every moment that is within and underlies everything that cannot be taken away.

– AH Almaas describes it as experiencing and living “without your ideas about what should or shouldn’t happen, without judgments of good and bad – just the experience of the isness of the now.”

– This may be a bit vague or hard to pin down compared to what we learned in school and how we operate at work. But unless we pay attention to the Enneagram type 1 space, we will endlessly try to improve everything and ourselves, potentially becoming critical and destructive of others and ourselves…
— “not good enough”
— “must try harder to make it better,”
— “Oh! it is my responsibility to make this better!”
— “Ugh so many mistakes!”

– Yes, we can endlessly improve things, others, and ourselves but some flaw will remain or a new flaw will appear.

– If we do not appreciate this deeper, truer sense of Goodness of the now that the Enneagram type 1 space is about, we will suffer for and because of ourselves and chase a perfectionism that will never satisfy.

– Learn to rest in the sense of a deeper knowing and understanding with your whole essence – you have a certain Goodness that cannot be taken away. And this realization and this space will help you make even more startling improvements without trying to restore goodness out of your own ego-fixated desires.


Dr. Francis Yoo

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    © 2020 by Dr. Francis Yoo. All rights reserved.

    © 2020 by Dr. Francis Yoo. All rights reserved.