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Uncategorized Thanksgiving: A perspective on privilege

November 26, 2020by Dr. Francis Yoo0

Thanks-giving, the giving of thanks, is the expression of a certain state. I hope you agree that this expression can be performed externally or internally; external examples would include vocalizing or writing a statement while internal examples would include thinking and imaging a sentence or message. And I hope you would agree that this expression derives from an internal state; that is, to say that one has to be aware of the very thing that one wants to express thanks for.


That is, one can only be truly thankful for something that one is inwardly-internally-psychically present with and appreciative of. This is clear in situations where one is thankful for having food, shelter, loved ones. But this is also true in which one is thankful for more abstract or distant aspects – the force of gravity, that one had a fun trip somewhere, hardships and challenges leading to growth.


Then this: by being able to be thankful and being thankful for something, or anything automatically positions you as someone with a certain privilege; you are aware of “A particular benefit, advantage, or favor.” ( That is, being thankful is a certain immediacy of awareness because you cannot be thankful for something you are not aware of. And in this state one can even say you have not only the privilege itself but also a responsibility to behold, equip, and utilize that which one is thankful for.


In other words, if you are capable of giving thanks the immediate corollary is that you have a privilege. Now what will you do with that privilege?  


In summary: the corollary to thanks-giving is awareness of privilege and sense of responsibility. 

Dr. Francis Yoo

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