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December 1, 2020by Dr Francis Yoo0

You are valuable.

You are worthy.

And no, you do not need to earn it.

Yes, I know that’s what you were taught in school, school, and more school: pass this and that test, get accepted, gain a qualification, complete your training, attain certification. The cultural lesson in school is to be learn to feel like you’re valuable and worthy, that you’re important and “successful” after you have something to show for it.

The Essential Quality of the Type 3 is the innate, inherent sense of authenticity. This authenticity is not dictated by diplomas, or raises, or trophies, or fancier things you own, or more publications, or a longer CV. This authenticity is something that is not gained externally but dug up and discovered from the depths of oneself and them declared and demonstrated.  

The drive to succeed. The motivation to do more, win more, earn more, XYZ more. This “more” drive will probably do you well in the sense that you will win, triumph, gain… but on this treadmill there is another thing to win, something else to gain, another triumph to chase after. And at the end of this you will not find the authentic you that you are striving for.

All of your doing and action does not provide or build your meaning, value, or worth. It is by realizing and discovering your authentic value and worth that gives meaning to all or your doing and actions. 

I won’t say stop doing and winning. 

What I will say is to TRULY start doing and winning by first realizing that your authentic self cannot be won.

Dr Francis Yoo

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    © 2020 by Dr. Francis Yoo. All rights reserved.

    © 2020 by Dr. Francis Yoo. All rights reserved.