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the enneagram The Enneagram type 4 space and lesson

December 16, 2020by Dr. Francis Yoo0


You are who you are.

The precious one with all that is needed.

Observer and creator of beauty.


Someone else might have something you don’t. Others may be experiencing something you have not and cannot. You may sense that you are marginalized, isolated, an exception, unimportant because of what you don’t have and something you long for.


But reach not for a complacency that you believe would come from having something else someone else has. Instead reach for that deepest and most Essential part of you, that is you, that is significant and special and not in some sort of comparison to some else.


Create and establish yourself, not as means to make yourself significant. Rather it is because of your established Essential significance that you can create and point out and demonstrate beauty and wonder.

You who are accessing, expressing, manifesting beauty and wonder.

Dr. Francis Yoo

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