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December 16, 2020by Dr. Francis Yoo0


Courage is your capacity.

Courage within the chaos.

Courage grounded in choice – choice grounded in courage.


True, there is chaos; truer, there is more chaos that we construct for ourselves – layers of uncertainty, disclarity, and fragile frantic frameworks. But, remember that at the foundation there is ground, a stable trustworthy, perpetually established grounding.


Eggs in baskets: the temptation is to focus too much on the baskets and rather than the eggs and the potential they represent. Don’t worry about the baskets – rather cultivate your “eggs” to be protected and prosper regardless of the baskets they are in.


There is a confidence in this space, not a particular confidence in a particular this or a particular that, but rather a nameless confidence that is your courage, capacity, chaos, and choice. There is nothing to trust by TRUST itself – I trust that that means more to you than a withering trust.

Dr. Francis Yoo

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