the enneagram The Enneagram type 7 space and lesson

December 16, 2020by Dr. Francis Yoo0


A satisfaction that is always enough.

That which is always fulfilled and always being fulfilled.

Adventure not only outwards but also inwards.


Shows, calls, social media, phone rings – dings – pings: they poke you in the side to get your attention and perhaps you even somehow want the chase – from one thing to another to another to another. But when stillness calls will you say “here”?

The gaze

Shift your gaze inwards because it is asking for the light of your eyes, it is asking you to be here with you. It is strange but common indeed how we can live so much being a stranger to yourself. Sit with the shadow, the unpleasant.


As you whirl your winds and as you wind your whirls – take notice: you may let go of some things to grab on to some other things, but there is a treasure inside that is always fulfilling enough that you cannot let go of… as long as you really remember.

Dr. Francis Yoo

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    © 2020 by Dr. Francis Yoo. All rights reserved.

    © 2020 by Dr. Francis Yoo. All rights reserved.