the enneagram The Enneagram type 8 space and lesson

December 16, 2020by Dr. Francis Yoo0


When invulnerability is a sign of weakness.

The final frontier always being the first frontier.

On the fence – no need for defense, no need for offense.


The strength to be aware of your strength that cannot be taken away, the power to understand your power that cannot be taken away… and not the strength or power that can be flaunted, demonstrated, or put on sale on the borders of your ego-fixation.

A following

If you need to convince, contort, or control others to follow you then you have failed. If you find yourself fully following yourself you will find others fully following you. So, first follow up with yourself first.


If you have to make a fuss, make noise, and make it known that you are here, then you are not really here. Let your hereness be here, then it will be known that you are here, then true sounds will be heard, the true scene will unfurl. 

Dr. Francis Yoo

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    © 2020 by Dr. Francis Yoo. All rights reserved.

    © 2020 by Dr. Francis Yoo. All rights reserved.