the enneagram The Enneagram type 9 space and lesson

December 16, 2020by Dr. Francis Yoo0


Pierced is the self-deceptive veil.

Un-snooze the alarm that lets you be alive.

This is fine – even when it isn’t fine.

Wake up call

The temptation to check out and enter the zombie-like trance, to dis-integrate the who you are from the what is. A slap, a shock, a shivering snow blast – the wake up call to check in to yourself.


Even though they seem so far in between, aha moments actually abound all the time, engendering a fluttering vitalizing buzz – keen up the senses for harmony of eurekas, the symphony of alertness.

No escape

The key is not to engage a habit of escaping reality but to instill world-creative capabilities to the great correspondence of perfect-plain tangibility. This association instead of dis-association. The peace that is even when there isn’t peace.

Dr. Francis Yoo

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    © 2020 by Dr. Francis Yoo. All rights reserved.

    © 2020 by Dr. Francis Yoo. All rights reserved.