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March 30, 2021by Dr. Francis Yoo0

The first Leverage and Growth Summit in May 2020 came at a very opportune time. It had only been some months since I decided to leave my W2 job and transition to build my private practice and start my online coaching / knowledge business. I had invested and learned a lot from my first business coach @MikeWooMing and experienced COVID has a time of transition. My dwindling responsibilities at my W2 work during these times gave me the opportunity to reflect and focus attention on my businesses. It also gave me the opportunity to immerse myself in the Summit. I watched the videos the days they were released (partly because I knew that if I didn’t then I may relegate them to my pile of to-watch-videos). I was intrigued, inspired, and integrated into a community of like-minded physicians that had or were having similar experiences in their professional lives. Since then I had tried and failed, experienced and advanced, with coaches and mentors I met through the Summit, as well the wonderful colleagues over at the Leverage & Growth Accelerator. Meeting and making wonderful friends like this took me back to the pre-facebook days of AIM chatting, livejournal, and xanga in the early 2000s.

This year’s summit had some differences but it definitely had an awesome impact. Hearing the evolution of some of the physicians that spoke last year and this year was cool; the different interests and projects of the speakers was varied and idea-provoking. The mixers were my favorite part of the summit – being able to learn from, connect with, and teach others was riveting, enjoyable, and educational. The atmosphere of validation and encouragement was unmistakable. I don’t regret getting less sleep than usual to take advantage of being in the mixers late into the night.

My biggest takeaway was how much each speaker was really into what they were doing. They all spoke of just starting, figuring it out, turning failure into experiences, but to me, it was how they lit up when they were talking about their focus, their values, their need and drive to solve their and others’ problems, their meaning in their journey. This gave me the aha moment I needed.

Part of my journey since the 2020 summit was to refine the authenticity in my message. Several things clicked together, some things were let go, and a few phrases remained: “Physician Search for Meaning” and “Soul Coach.” (You may have been noticed change in my website and social media platforms.) This is an awesome channel and wording to use my existential philosophy, Enneagram education, MBTI/Jungian psychology experience, NSEV to help others. Well, I’m getting overwhelming feedback that this is perfect for me and I feel really, really good about it too. My LGA colleagues and friends were definitely a significant guiding light to me this past year and continue to be so.

It’s an opportune time, a fulfilled time (kairos) to be reborn, to manifest meaning, to leverage, and grow.

See you next summit.

You can still check the summit out and watch the videos by signing up HERE (this is an affiliate link meaning if you purchase using this link I get a commission without any extra cost to you).

Dr. Francis Yoo

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