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Are You a Physician Committed to Personal Development?

Here's how I can help you.

It’s time to discover more of your wholeness and presence.

Why do personal development?

Let’s face it. All those years in school and training helped you learn how to work as a physician…

but it was NOT designed to help you grow as a person and develop into a person living an authentic, fulfilled life. 

And there is not really resources out there specifically to help physicians with their inner work and personal development. 

What is inner work?

Just as there is much to explore and be enriched by in the external world,

each person has a fascinating inner world that need exploration and gives enrichment.

It is the soul-searching and unwrapping your Self that ultimately makes your internal and external life more fulfilling. 

Inner work is my specialty

I have spent 20 years learning and getting training in philosophy, practical psychology, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Jungian Depth Psychology, the Enneagram and Fourth Way Work, Chinese Medicine / Philosophy, Vedanta, Kundalini Awakening Process throughout my years in formal education and medical training. 

I also read all the current day “self-help” and personal development stuff too: Tony Robbins, Hal Elrod, etc. 

Invest in yourself

I am invested in doing inner work and personal development and want to help physicians do their inner work and personal development. 

I know the challenges of becoming and working as a physician and I help you navigate your journey for wholeness and presence. 

Do you want expert help with learning and applying the MBTI, the Enneagram, Chinese Medicine Extraordinary vessel, and more for deep inner work and profound personal development?


Chrystene Nguyen, MD | Founder, White Coat Romance

“Dr. Francis Yoo did an individualized thorough deep dive into my personality type that I have never encountered before, which helped me to understand my behavior tendencies, strengths and weaknesses, and how I relate to people and the world around me. I got a lot of Aha moments as he discussed all of these things in detail, along with helping me cut through the fog that has been holding me back in certain areas and how to achieve the balance I desired to meet my goals. He not only is brilliantly knowledgeable and passionate about his work in MBTI/Enneagram and more, but also cares tremendously about each of his client’s well-being as he guides them on their journey of personal development and self-awareness. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Yoo to any physician who desires to understand themselves better and unblock their hidden potential, which will optimize their personal and professional growth and open up the doors to new exciting life opportunities.”


Sanj Katyal, MD FACR | Co-Founder Thrive Rx: A Practical Guide to Flourishing for Physicians

“I had the pleasure of working with Francis regarding Enneagrams. I wanted to gain insight on repetitive, automatic thoughts and reflexes that have conditioned and limited my search for equanimity. We discussed my specific type and how this influences my interactions both personally and professionally. Most importantly Francis taught me that understanding my natural tendencies can positively influence my behavior going forward. His expertise in personal development and insight on the struggles of the normal human condition is a rare combination. I highly recommend Francis for personal development, coaching and Enneagram teaching!”


Harjot Mann, MD | Mindset & Leadership Coach

“I wanted to understand how cognitive functions work as it relates to MBTI types. I wasn’t looking for a label rather an understanding of my cognitive functions so I could double down on my mindset and inner work. Thanks to Francis, I was able to learn how I naturally process information and make decisions. This information has boosted my self-awareness and given me perspective on areas where I could focus on to grow more. I highly recommend working with Francis for anyone who’s truly interested in self-growth and leveraging their innate abilities for their success instead of taking an online test off a website to label yourself. “


Andrew Tisser, DO | Emergency Medicine | Talk2MeDoc Podcast Host | Early Career Physician Financial and Career Optimization

“Much can be said about the person Dr. Yoo is but he certainly is true to his authentic self. As a fellow physician Francis has helped me dig deep into who I am, what my values are and how to use them moving forward. Would recommend Francis to all of my physician colleagues who could use some direction!”

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